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Literacy and Reading Intervention Strategies
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Leadership Development Coaching
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Response to Intervention
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Our approach to leadership development is strategically aligned to what is needed to improve the outcomes of students in your system.

Leadership Development Coaching

Response to Intervention/multi-tiered systems of supports (RTI/MTSS). Connect Instructional Strategies and Intervention Supports.

Response to

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Students don’t always learn the way we are teaching, so we need to teach the way they learn. We believe that all students can learn to read at proficient and advanced levels.

Literacy and Reading Intervention Strategies

principal and teachers

CSAS works with districts and schools with persistently low student achievement results in reading and mathematics.


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We are the Center for Student Achievement Solutions located in New York City and we are committed to helping districts and schools address the academic and behavioral needs of all students. We partner with you to offer customized solutions based on your student achievement goals.

Changing students lives by increasing proficiency
scores in literacy and math.

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions is committed to helping districts and schools address the academic and behavioral needs of all students. We focus on the core of excellent teaching and learning to achieve double digit growth in reading and math in as little as 3-6 months.


We collaborate with educators to learn the art and science behind teaching reading and mathematics to ensure all instructional strategies are aligned with the standards, curriculum or program you are implementing in your school system. Our approach accelerates the skill and capacity of educators.


We know the research, evidence and strategies that work because we have used them with educators and students in districts, schools and classrooms as consultants, senior leaders, instructional leaders and educators.

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We partner with you to offer customized solutions based on your student achievement goals.

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Dr. Williams has consistently demonstrated her outstanding state level executive educational leadership abilities with leading by example and setting a national standard by creating one of the most impressive and comprehensive statewide professional development plans to address closing the achievement gap for all students.

Her reputation as a distinguished educational leader is well deserved because she is extremely knowledgeable about educational policies, implications, practice and reform initiatives that have led to impressive results. Based on the DC CAS state standardized test several schools identified as pilot model school sites had impressive student proficiency gains of 30% or more in reading and math.

William Knudsen, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services United States Department of Education

Dr. Chandra Williams is a dynamic speaker and phenomenal leader, specializing in turnaround structures and processes. As the state leader for school and district turnaround and improvement, I engaged Chandra as a leading strategic thought partner to support the planning of Mississippi’s leadership conference that was specifically designed for building and central office leaders. More than 300 leaders attended. Chandra served as the opening speaker and as a conference presenter. Her sessions proved to be one of the highlights of the conference as each one of her sessions filled to capacity. Her expertise proved so valuable that the office continued the partnership. Her understanding of the state agency’s responsibility as well as the school leader’s role in turnaround is unparalleled. I still call upon her expertise today.

Jamilliah Longino, Ed.D.

Former Executive Director for the Office of School Improvement Mississippi Department of Education

Center For Student Achievement Solutions name says it all. Over the past two years, we have been fortunate to work with Dr. Chandra Williams and her team of consultants to develop and implement strategies utilizing the RtI Framework. Understanding that "Data Tells The Story" the plan of attack and "solution" to address our scholar's deficit skills has been prescriptive and systemic.

All that Center For Student Achievement Solutions has been able to do to assist our efforts in closing the achievement gap is evidenced in our increased scores in reading assessments. With a modeling and coaching professional development approach, not only have our scholars benefited but also our entire teaching and support staff teams. Center for Student Achievement Solutions name says it ALL... An educational center with a solution mind-set to ensure ALL students achieve.

Sherie S. Turner, Principal

Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy

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Our greatest thrill is hearing the amazing results from those we work with.