Struggling to Read: The Domino Effect

Reading is required to function in our society today. However, there are many adults who can read just barely enough to get by. Reading and writing skills are vital to finding a good job and helping us grow to our fullest potential. It's a must-have for attending college, expanding our minds, improving our imagination, giving us a positive image of ourselves, and allowing us to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with others. Can you put yourself in the shoes of…

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Difficulty Reading, Wait and See?

Imagine yourself to be the teacher of a classroom of young, elementary school students. Maybe, some of you are that teacher. The children in your class are bright, beautiful, inquisitive, and growing up to be everything their parents hoped for. But, you notice a distinct delay in the reading ability of a few students. What do YOU do? Well, what do you do? There are some who might adopt a "wait and see" attitude. Others might think it best to…

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Is Your Child Struggling? Reading Failure Prevention Advice

Let's face it, not everyone is a born reader. Students fall behind for various reasons, failures happen and we can't always prevent them. However, if we consider the perspectives of both Parents and Teachers, we can learn how to minimize reading problems, as a whole. Being a parent of a child who is experiencing difficulty with reading and comprehension, the emotions of finding a solution can be overwhelming and frustrating. Learning to read well is a skill that takes time, it…

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