Blended Learning in the 2020-2021 School Year: How to Measure Student Mastery of Virtual Content

As our country continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders recognize that the 2020-2021 school year must involve some sort of blended learning strategy. Last week, we highlighted some of the key reasons digital learning has the potential to fail various student groups and offered some suggestions for building a successful blended learning strategy. This week, we want to focus on helping your school leaders and educators measure student mastery of content through online learning. How Formative Assessments Help…

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4 Ways to Empower Parents to Support Students’ Literacy Skills at Home

Although many schools are able to host some sort of digital learning sessions for students during COVID-19 related school closures, parents are increasingly taking on the role of teachers as they guide their children through remote learning. Unfortunately, parents often don’t know the best way to support their students’ vital learning skills, including literacy skills. Here are 4 strategies school leaders and teacher should use to empower parents during school closures: 1. Educate parents about the far-reaching importance of literacy…

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4 Questions to Consider as Your School Prepares for Summer School Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

As your school prepares for the Summer 2020 season, we strongly encourage you to consider the following questions: 1. What criteria will we use to determine eligibility for summer school? Typically, only about 25% of students in the USA attend some sort of summer learning program, such as summer school. This year, we must strongly consider the need to expand summer school eligibility to include many more students. The COVID-19 pandemic started to cause school closures in early to mid-March,…

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