6 Tips for Planning Virtual Lessons for Students in Special Education

Many students will encounter a learning curve as they navigate new hybrid or online-only learning models this school year, but students who are not proficient in reading or math and students with disabilities are especially at risk of falling behind. As a school leader, you can help prevent students with disabilities from developing gaps in learning by preparing ahead of time to use virtual learning platforms with differentiated support structures. How does virtual learning impact students with disabilities? Many school…

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How to Design Virtual Lessons That Actively Engage Students

Virtual learning is new to many of us — school leaders, teachers, parents, and students. Between technical issues, an increase in distractions at home, and the new skills required to navigate virtual learning platforms, it is easy to experience frustration and be discouraged with distance learning. Extensive research has been conducted about implementing highly effective evidence-based instructional strategies in a traditional classroom; unfortunately, this is not the case with virtual classroom instruction. We can easily apply some research about traditional…

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What We Can Learn From Schools Reopening Around the World

Whether we like it or not, schools are beginning to reopen around the United States with varying levels of health and safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. School leaders and policy makers have been looking to other countries with reopened schools to learn how to prevent the spread, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Several factors cause difficulty in determining which health and safety factors prevent the spread of COVID-19: Countries around the world,…

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