Leadership Development Coaching

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Our approach to leadership development is strategically aligned to what is needed to improve the outcomes of students in your system. We start by analyzing your current student achievement results and desired outcomes to identify what the school leader should know and be able to do to be successful. Then we collaborate with the leader to design a professional learning and support plan to ensure they master the leadership principles and core practices and align them to achieve the goals outlined in their comprehensive school or district improvement plan.


Research clearly indicates that professional development is most effective when it is embedded within leaders’ day‐to‐day responsibilities and ongoing with frequent opportunities for coaching and practice. Instructional leadership is a core component for successfully transforming low performing schools.


We work with central office leadership and the school principal to prioritize their student achievement goals, aligning mandates, available resources and supports through real time job embedded professional learning opportunities and instructional leadership coaching.

We prioritize including pertinent research and case studies from educational reform thought leaders.

CSAS Instructional Leadership Development Coaching Prepares School Principals To:

  • Easily identify early wins to increase staff motivation and buy in.
  • Implement evidenced-based instructional strategies school-wide.
  • Communicate a clear, positive and focused vision about student achievement to create a sense of urgency and need for change.
  • Analyze assessment results to respond or readjust instruction to meet the unique needs of all students.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with teachers based on a structured approach to track real time student assessment results to ensure they can engage with the instructional challenges to plan and readjust instruction.
  • Develop a highly effective leadership team to implement, monitor, and sustain research validated instructional and intervention strategies.
  • Communicate and celebrate school transformation progress in a timely manner.

Learning From Leadership

Louis, Wahlstrom, & Anderson, 2010

In Learning From Leadership (Louis, Wahlstrom, & Anderson, 2010), the largest study to date looking at the effect of leadership on student achievement, researchers found that next to teaching, leadership is the most important influence on student learning.

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