School Transformation

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School Transformation

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The Center for Student Achievement Solutions works with districts and schools with persistently low student achievement results in reading and mathematics.


Student achievement data analysis, strategic action planning, and accountability process is a critical component to the process of turning around low performing schools. CSAS uses the MTSS approach to ensure everyone is laser focused on the turnaround strategies that are identified through the needs analysis and action planning process.

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CSAS School Transformation Will Help School Districts To:

Conduct Needs Assessment

Conduct Needs Assessment to reveal the root cause and identify trends in reading and mathematics by teacher, student and the appropriate grade level for student achievement gaps. Through this process, we’ll be able to articulate the school’s culture and climate, strengths, and opportunities.

Develop a Fall and Winter School Improvement Plan With Actionable Steps

CSAS supports the school Principal and central office in establishing SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) for the school, using both leading and lagging indicators to track progress towards these goals.

Review and Monitor

Using a systematic approach, instructional leaders and educators will review student achievement data, identify and discuss trends and root causes to problem solve interventions for struggling learners, establish reading and mathematics growth goals, and monitor formative, benchmark and summative assessment results.

As Head of School/Instructional Leader at Kenneth W. Clement Boys Leadership Academy, Dr. Chandra Williams provided effective and efficient leadership to our staff with an instructional framework that supported an increase in our scholars’ achievement over time. If there was a content area or skill that teachers needed more in-depth support in, she had access to a network of other content experts that was brought in to build capacity, with a positive effect on quality teaching and learning.

In support of my professional growth, Dr. Williams provided leadership coaching that afforded me the opportunity to sharpen my skillset as an instructional leader. The result of this support created a learning environment that impacted staff, scholars, parents and community with a focus on academic achievement and social-emotional learning.

Jacky C. Brown Sr., EDUCATOR: Action Team Coach

L.I.F.T. Network Leadership Institute For Teacher-Based Teams

Dr. Williams was able to use coaching to get to the root of the leadership problems that I was facing as a new Principal, and assist me in formulating new and effective ways to approach them. I found her way of coaching to be personable and professional as it really grew me into the leader I am today!

Juliet M. King, M.ED., EDUCATOR: Principal

Bolton Elementary School

I am so grateful for the phenomenal support I receive from Center for Student Achievement Solutions. I was matched with Beth one of their consultants. She was a team player from the start. We worked side by side to customize the curriculum to fit my student's needs. She provided me with planning documents that aligned with our standards and followed a natural pattern of concept development! It was amazing and unforgettable partnership!!

Naeesha Grant, Teacher

Bolton Elementary School