Dr. Williams has consistently demonstrated her outstanding state level executive educational leadership abilities with leading by example and setting a national standard by creating one of the most impressive and comprehensive statewide professional development plans to address closing the achievement gap for all students.

Her reputation as a distinguished educational leader is well deserved because she is extremely knowledgeable about educational policies, implications, practice and reform initiatives that have led to impressive results. Based on the DC CAS state standardized test several schools identified as pilot model school sites had impressive student proficiency gains of 30% or more in reading and math.

William Knudsen, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services United States Department of Education

Chandra has a deep and directed passion for closing the achievement gap and raising achievement levels for all students. As a result of her vision and leadership, the teachers and principals of the DC public schools have been provided with the highest quality professional development focused directly on student learning. She’s extremely gifted and talented with supporting, encouraging, mentoring, and coaching leaders and teachers which enables her to move mountains.

Elaine K. McEwan

Author of Creating Highly Effective Schools

Chandra left a legacy of turning around underperforming schools and awakening staff and students to their potential. As a teacher, I witnessed, participated in, and benefitted from her drive to do best by students and the school community. The lessons Chandra’s efforts taught still carry me forth in my life today.

Matthew Aaron Goodman, Former Teacher

NYC Department of Education – STEPS 8+ Program

Dr. Chandra Williams is a dynamic speaker and phenomenal leader, specializing in turnaround structures and processes. As the state leader for school and district turnaround and improvement, I engaged Chandra as a leading strategic thought partner to support the planning of Mississippi’s leadership conference that was specifically designed for building and central office leaders. More than 300 leaders attended.

Chandra served as the opening speaker and as a conference presenter. Her sessions proved to be one of the highlights of the conference as each one of her sessions filled to capacity. Her expertise proved so valuable that the office continued the partnership. Her understanding of the state agency’s responsibility as well as the school leader’s role in turnaround is unparalleled. I still call upon her expertise today.

Jamilliah Longino, Ed.D.

Former Executive Director for the Office of School Improvement Mississippi Department of Education

First and foremost, Dr. Williams is a teacher at heart, and that comes across clearly to her audiences, but she also possesses the knowledge of current research and translates that into practical application for school leaders and teachers of any subject. She is truly the most intelligent and dynamic person we have ever contracted with and she has inspired even our most reluctant teachers to try new approaches.

Shannon Caldwell, Principal

Alfred A. Benesch Elementary School

Center for Student Solution Achievement ( CSAS) has been a strategic partner with my school this year. CSAS provided professional consultants that provided non-evaluative coaching to my teachers weekly; which resulted in an increase in our student achievement for both ELA and Math state percentages. The foundational practices CSAS focused on, strengthen our instructional strategies around our core and intervention programming. As a second year principal, I appreciated the laser focused implementation CSAS provided to create the momentum for future years of success.

Brandee Carson-Jones, Principal

Case Elementary School

Center For Student Achievement Solutions name says it all. Over the past two years, we have been fortunate to work with Dr. Chandra Williams and her team of consultants to develop and implement strategies utilizing the RtI Framework. Understanding that "Data Tells The Story" the plan of attack and "solution" to address our scholar's deficit skills has been prescriptive and systemic.

All that Center For Student Achievement Solutions has been able to do to assist our efforts in closing the achievement gap is evidenced in our increased scores in reading assessments. With a modeling and coaching professional development approach, not only have our scholars benefited but also our entire teaching and support staff teams. Center for Student Achievement Solutions name says it ALL... An educational center with a solution mind-set to ensure ALL students achieve.

Sherie S. Turner, Principal

Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Williams and her consultants during the 2016-2017 They brought a wealth of knowledge to our classrooms and her team assisted in teaching our teachers and leaders to guarantee we pushed academics within our school. Her team provided us with the skills needed to ensure our students received instruction aligned with the common core, NWEA and end of year assessments.

All our teachers and students experienced growth in phonics, reading and mathematics while Dr. Williams and her consultants provided their services. The math and ELA consultants both provided differentiated, standards aligned tools and tips which will be in place at our building for years to come.

Jacob Bosley, M.Ed.,Educator: Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools

As Head of School/Instructional Leader at Kenneth W. Clement Boys Leadership Academy, Dr. Chandra Williams provided effective and efficient leadership to our staff with an instructional framework that supported an increase in our scholars’ achievement over time. If there was a content area or skill that teachers needed more in-depth support in, she had access to a network of other content experts that was brought in to build capacity, with a positive effect on quality teaching and learning.

In support of my professional growth, Dr. Williams provided leadership coaching that afforded me the opportunity to sharpen my skillset as an instructional leader. The result of this support created a learning environment that impacted staff, scholars, parents and community with a focus on academic achievement and social-emotional learning.

Jacky C. Brown Sr., EDUCATOR: Action Team Coach

L.I.F.T. Network Leadership Institute For Teacher-Based Teams

Dr. Williams was able to use coaching to get to the root of the leadership problems that I was facing as a new Principal, and assist me in formulating new and effective ways to approach them. I found her way of coaching to be personable and professional as it really grew me into the leader I am today!

Juliet M. King, M.ED., EDUCATOR: Principal

Bolton Elementary School

I am so grateful for the phenomenal support I receive from Center for Student Achievement Solutions. I was matched with Beth one of their consultants. She was a team player from the start. We worked side by side to customize the curriculum to fit my student's needs. She provided me with planning documents that aligned with our standards and followed a natural pattern of concept development! It was amazing and unforgettable partnership!!

Naeesha Grant, Teacher

Bolton Elementary School

Dr. Chandra Williams is very professional, knowledgeable and dependable educational consultant. Turning around low performing schools is incredibility difficult work. Dr. William’s expertise in the field of special education allows her to provide a level of service that few in the industry can match. I am thankful for all of the advice and knowledge she has imparted to me and know with the utmost confidence that I am a better professional because of her guidance. I would highly recommend her to any school system.

Jerri Johnston-Stewart, Monitoring and Accountability Specialist

Maryland State Department of Education

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions has successfully contributed to our school turnaround story. She taught us the importance of being laser-like focused on increasing student achievement, using data to make instructional decisions, how to use assessments to plan instruction, and the difference between research based practices and research validated practices. As a school community, we embraced MTSS/RTI to ensure that we met the needs of all students.

Dr. Williams has consistently proven that highly effective teachers and student achievement are not mutually exclusive. As a result of her outstanding work, our school made significant improvements in student achievement, culture, and climate, attendance, and discipline.

Temisha Willis, Instructional Coach

Alfred A. Benesch Elementary School

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions provided the turnaround principals in our district with an outstanding leadership institute. As a principal of a low performing school that needed to show significant gains in proficiency and growth for reading and math, they offered us professional development training sessions leveraging our leadership skills through coaching to increase student achievement, different types of assessments to use to identify student skill deficits to narrow and close achievement gaps, using data to make instructional decisions, and common core standards and prerequisite skills students need to master them at grade level. As a result of the leadership institutes, on-site professional development training and coaching supports we were able to realize double digit growth and proficiency in reading and math.

Terrance Menefee, Ph.D., Principal

John Adams High School